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Sir Ivan Creosote


Engineering, Development, Publishing, and Diffusion

Name Role
Dean Acquaviva Sculptoris et Formis Caeli
Freddy Van Gelder Jr. Integer Nodal Protectorit
Dá Bæng Gôu Devial Detristress Locutor
Mel Lautus de Coenum Regis
Pan Rui Et Emundans Sit Cogitatio


  • William J. Constantine Jr.
  • Douglas F. Miller Recio
  • Craig Monteleone
  • Shane Navoy
  • Willard J. Wright Jr.


To spark a fire where no flame can burn. To plumb the impossible light stream and have the faucets run gold. Maybe paint a novel, dance a poem, and sing a movie. I’m just a janitor. The stuffed suits upstairs compel me to write their memos, clean their toilets, get them more paper clips, and stoically ponder their excursions into commonalty. Another canary in a coal mine .. except without a cage.

Fred said, “ When I say critical intelligence, I don’t just mean understanding with the mind; I mean with the senses, too: sight, hearing, touch, the whole presence of one's body in the body of the work. One is constantly aware of what one is doing while one is doing it; one tries to produce the thing, but with some distancing, look at oneself as one does it.”

We've been attempting to build and sustain these principles since 2010 AD. There is no turning back.

We’re all janitors. Just housekeepers and doormen serving a Lord. Or as Martin said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

~ Mel 2017

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