The Best of Bitches Brew

Avant/Derriére Power Jazz!

Will Constantine: Soprano Sax, Vocal, Congas, Bass Clarinet, Flute, and Percussion
Mark Hennessey: Trumpet and Tenor Sax
Jim Eichinger: Tenor Sax, Percussion
Andy Keenan: Electric Guitar
Joe Falcey: Drums
Dan Mulvey: Bass

* Track 6 Big Dipper featuring Uncle Ho: Alto & Soprano Sax, Tuba, Snake Charmer, & Percussion

# Title Date Player
1 Listen 2002
6 * Big Dipper 2001

The Latin Bite

Will Constantine: Flute, Vocal, Congas, Percussion, Pocket Trumpet, Bass Clarinet
Mark Hennessey: Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Percussion (Track 2)
Jim Eichinger: Tenor Sax, Percussion
Andy Keenan: Electric Guitar
Joe Falcey: Drums
Justin Carney: Bass (Track 2)
Uncle Ho: Alto Sax, Percussion (Track 2)
Dan Mulvey: Bass (Track 3)
Juan del Castillo: Spanish Vocal (Track 3)

# Title Date Player
2 Dos Corazones 2003
3 New Jersey 2002

HupHo !

Will Constantine: Soprano Sax, Bells, Vocals, Congas, Bass Clarinet, Cuica, Flute, Percussion, Flooxaphone, and Tenor Sax
Mark Rubin: Guitar, Pandeiro, Percussion, Timbales
Keith Snyder: Electric Bass
Joe Falcey: Drums and Percussion

Recorded at John & Peters, New Hope, PA 10/2007

# Title Date Player
2 Inverted 10/2007

Sonny Side Up

Will Constantine: Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Percussion
Mark Hennessey: Trumpet, Vocals, Tenor Sax
Jim Eichinger: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Percussion, Vocals
Andy Keenan: Electric Guitar
Dan Mulvey: Bass
Joe Falcey: Drums Track 1
Jeremy Tucker: Drums Track 3
Uncle Ho: Alto and Baritone Sax, Vocals, Percussion Track 1

# Title Date Player
1 Discipline
Nuclear War
3 The Sphinx 9/12/2001

Trenton Avant Garde (TAG) Presents Micro Improv Fest #5

Arts Council of Princeton, NJ
April 5th, 2003

Will Constantine: Congas, flute, bass clarinet, soprano sax, recitation
Jim Eichinger: Tenor Sax
Mark Hennessey: Trumpet
Tony Smith: Guitar
Wilbo Wright: Electric Bass
Joe Falcey: Drums
Vince Vaine: Engineer

# Title Date Player
1 Intro 5/5/2003
3 Wave After Wave 5/5/2003

The Best of Bitches Brew

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