Eminent Domains


orbus (feminine orba, neuter orbum); From Proto-Indo-European *h₃órbʰos (“orphan”), from *h₃erbʰ- (“to change ownership”). Cognate with Ancient Greek ὀρφανός (orphanós, “orphaned”) & Sanskrit अर्भ (árbha, “small”). Adjective: first/second-declension adjective (with genitive, ablative or ab) bereaved, bereft, deprived (of) by death, orphaned, parentless; fatherless, childless, widowed.

Civilian Advancement and Terminology

Murmurings, aspirations, stage whispers, groaning and grumblings, meditations, laissez-faire, in whole or in parts, will be galvanized into an amalgam, by any means necessary, for two days from within and including the week beginning with Daylight Savings Time changes, World Wildlife Week, Lent, Saint Patrick's Day through to and including Spring Equinox.


Transgressions of Kings

’Yay, Unto thy musicos that manifest conjuntos in unpropitious ice cream parlors, bank-quit halls, and re-store-rants, bars, and wineries by whatsoever way Thou shalt send them to the money bucket, they placate themselves unto ye FOOD & BEVERAGE LORDS, toward that venue which Thou hast chosen, and march onward to thee studio which Ye have built upon gold monikers for Thy names;

Then hear in the ethernet heavens their solos and psalms, their riffs, and sustain their Quietudes, Yes, grate against them not — for there is no man that grates not — and Thouest be formed to be not angry with them, and deliver them to their food courts, so that they feel that they carry themselves away enslaved, shackled unto the land of the Tv, far off, but near, close to the swizzle stick swimming with an olive in a cold glass vessel filled with an inebriating elixir, in expansive space;
they shall bethink themselves to hale praises that the wicked carried them away in captivity, Required from them a song. ¿ How can we sing King Alpha's song, In a strange land ? LO ! Heave Ho, Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work ye go, Turn back, manipulate the codex, tune emulations, unto the Holiest Theoists in the realm of captivity, saying:
Yay Ye have departed voluntarily from the path of duty prescribed iniquitously; they return unto Thee with all their heart full of souls into the realms of any eating and drinking establishments, who carried them away enslaved, and pray unto Thee with their instruments of impoverishment, buttered in Time Everlasting, which your elders gave unto Ye, the city which Thou hast chosen, and ye studio which Ye have built for Thy name; then hear that Thy dwelling-place is the studio, maintain the cause of effects; and fear that no need to forgive Thy people who have stolen Ye tips from The Empty White Plastic Spackle Buckets of Life. Many contraventions, wherein they have contravened contrapuntally, against dispersing fractioned and fractured meters;

Lo ! slather compassion on the bondslaves hearts like creamy lards and jellies on bread, direct showers of sympathy and passionate rain upon their desiccated eyes, for they, like you, are musicos,
and Ye have inherited them like a flock of seagulls ravenously swooping down to eat Thy fish sandwich,
which Thou broughtest forth out of the Deli,
with a side order of glistening gold french fries,
at the ocean boardwalk,
on a sunny day,
in the seasonal clang and amidst a furnace of wood & iron;
open eyes that they may be open unto the soliciting of the creation of further servants, slaves, and food courts, Yay hear there, their plaintive hearkening unto evident galactic tip buckets, they cry unto Thee, For Thou didst set them apart from among all the others occupying a “Free Universe" .. to Thine inheritance, as Thou didst advertise of it and by the hand of Thy consequential self-misadventure, Thou shalt broadcasteth from Ye celestial attic hovels, mouse orchestra basements, and garages festooned with rusty rakes and shovels,
Onward toward the dim light beholding a Sacred Orb, and unto & into divine and beneficent ethospheres,
Geez Lord hoist ye all omniscient diadems up the scaffold of time unto other crowns!’

3 Kings 1/6 ~ Translated by Dá Bõng Gôu circa 648 BC
Smell the Incense

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Sovereign Servants

Scaffold Builders

All candidates have passed all required screens, earth projects, and required completion of Worker Identification Credentials (WIC's)

Ship To Shore

A radiotelephone connecting a ship to land, or connecting to a train or to another inter-stellar transport vehicle to a control center

Common Time

The ordinary time of marching, in which ninety steps, each twenty-eight inches in length, are taken in one minute. Hut Two Three Four

Love Objects

Love and emotion embodied in material form? The emotional potency of things, addressing how objects can function independently


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