IO 0804

That Grumpy Old Willie

The Monmouth Junction Confederacione of Musica di Avanti Garde, (MJCMAG), is proud to announce the re-issue of a very rare recording. A one-sided 10 inch 78 rpm disc entitled, That Grumpy Old Willy. This song was recorded by the duo of Butter Beans Johnny on vocals and kazoo, along with Spare Rib Slim on piano.

MJCMAG impresario Mario Buddha hand picked this 1927 gem, originally released on the Mamaroso label, from his huge collection of 78 RPM phonograph records.

Although not much more is known about this recording, many notable Jazz and Blues scholars believe that the tuba player heard here is that of the female Jazz pioneer Suzie Zafonna.

So make yourself a drink, kick back, and enjoy the sound of That Grumpy Old Willie. ..
.. and as Mario says, Nobi Poohsea.