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Vernal Equinox

Sunday · February 16, 2020 · 12:16:20 PM

A Discarded Memo from the Scriptorium

Hal rides a bike..
.. so do I.
Mom, I'm scared every time I ride my bike.

Stuart Finley

Stuart Finley, 84, a retired WRC broadcaster and award-winning producer who also was operations director for the Lake Barcroft community in Falls Church, died July 20, 2003 at Northern Virginia Community Hospital after a stroke. Stuart Finley Mr. Finley, a native of Port Washington, N.Y., began his career as a radio announcer at stations in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Philadelphia. He worked briefly at WRC in Washington before entering the Navy at the start of World War II. He served nearly four years in the Navy before returning to the NBC-owned station. In 1954, he produced Our Beautiful Potomac, a series of 50 documentaries that won the Sylvania Award for outstanding local public service programs. In 1967, he won an Emmy for the independently produced documentary The 3rd Pollution, about solid waste garbage dumps.

Ted Jones

Ted Jones was born in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1927. He attended Augusta Military Academy in Virginia between 1942-1944 and then joined the Army Air Corps in 1944. He became a sergeant-ECO and left after the end of World War II in 1946. After his stint in the service, Jones traveled through Mexico, in particular through the Yucatan during 1946-1947. He then settled down to academic studies at Penn State University, where he received a BA in Journalism and Advertising with a minor in Theater and Art in 1951. He went on to became Walter Reed Army Medical Center's information specialist in 1951, but then moved on quickly to television at WRC-TV, an NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C..

In 1954, he received the prestigious Sylvania Award for Television for the first water pollution special on television, called Our Beautiful Potomac. Jones also received an Emmy for Ted Jones his work on the cinematography and editing of the program Urban Sprawl. He then won a Peabody Award and Governor's Award for producing and editing Science in the Schools, which was the first TV series used in public schools. Jones produced, edited and photographed Chosen Country, the first film on noted American author John Dos Passos, which earned him a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. His list of film and video credits also includes I Touch the Future--I Teach, a video production on Christa McAuliffe, the teacher-astronaut aboard the ill-fated Challenger, for the Prince George's County School System where she first taught.

In 1960, he began work at Stuart Finley Films, Inc., where he worked as an independent film producer. The company and Jones spent the next 17 years producing films in the environmental field. In 1977, Jones began to freelance, making videos, films and black and white photographs. Jones was well-known for his work in 19th-century non-silver photographic printing processes, particularly the gum-dichromatic process, but he took a contemporary approach. He even applied modern computer technology to a number of these 19th-century techniques.

He passed away quietly at his home in Falls Church, VA on August 23, 2007.

The 3rd Pollution by Stuart Finley, Inc., Publication date 1966.
Topics: 16mm Color Film, Educational Film, Refuse and refuse disposal, Integrated solid waste management, Water supply, Air pollution, Culture and social processes, Natural resources conservation, Urban ecology, Urbanization, Social issues, Attitudes and opinions.
Publisher: Stuart Finley Inc., Falls Church, Virginia.
Technical Cooperation: Office of Solid Wastes, Public Heath Service, American Public Works Association.
Photography/Cinematography: Ted Jones

NOBI Speaks

The word seagull is an informal way that laymen refer to any of the species that belong to the family Laridae. In all actuality, there is no such thing as a seagull. There is not actually a single species called the seagull, but people all over the world refer to them as seagulls.

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Winter Solstice

Tuesday · December 10, 2019 · at 6:07 am EDT

The numbers in post discussion are misconstrued. They aren't evidenced nor can they be substantiated. INET providers blocking segments of global traffic (i.e., nodes segmented, reports indicate reduced numbers of user base) from different users. Screw those numbers ... be on the scope for massive data farming. Europe might be seeing larger user base, I dunno .. who cares. Protect assets. Floundering, like a flounder, devoid of business acumen and acuity.. complete disregard of basic business tenets. Corrupting vintage Deming economics the management is on acid. You can click on those urls at your own risk. There's probably an EN button somewhere on the tool-bar. Multiple language translations can't disguise the same gibberish. We've been down this road before. The codec, browser, OS, and network methods of waging war. They go there, we stay here at home.Solid evidence is readily available on torrent streams.

Supplier, ..late 4th quarter delivery, if we're lucky. ... Do you want one? even though TECH sector reports all major components suffering from same QC issues.
We did manage to knock out another yearly Christmas Carol.

Summer Solstice

Thursday · June 21, 2018 · at 6:07 am EDT

The most recent expenditure of energy was a previous performance. Mario and Ivan were perplexed by the events that occurred and proceeded to analyze the event:

I tries to sets up on time but virus keeps asks me fo plug to amp. I keeps sayings, it be is no problem, when I be done settings up. but be pains in me ass and asks again. I finally gets sets up, no mike checks, times up, somebody asks me if they have reverb on mike, head explode, not time, no even sets up limiters. Besides me playlist show the insect start squirting on second set.. nots first sets!! .. I throws insect a orange Home Depot plug on firsts sets ... Watdafa... ¿? I is posed to gives powers cords too !? I no give a fuque anymores .. I quits!
~ Mario, FOH Engineer

We called Ivan, the conductor, in for an interrogation, to get his interpretation on the course of events.
Every effort is employed to try an obtain a fair, balanced, and truthful testimony to the events that transpired.

I don't know what exactly occurred. I was sure that our original stage plot was to be adhered to, or we endeavored to follow it as closely as possible. Nobi Stage Plot I raised my baton at 08:32 PM, two minutes late, which disturbed me greatly. The first note was dropped and then all hell broke loose. There was a strange ruckus emanating from stage left, stage right as if you face the stage, which kept increasing in decibel level. The din was interpreted as truly offensive, atonal, and contrary to our aural design. I noticed, utilizing my peripheral perceptions, that newly arriving audience members were immediately leaving due to the fact that the cacophonous din was cantankerous in effect, generally out of place, and inherently disruptive. I made every effort to subdue and quell the situation by instructing sections of the orchestra to cease playing. Nobi Beast This was a vain effort. I was hoping to see if the beast would spring enlightened to self awareness, realize this mortal misdemeanor, and cease sinking the score into a fetid cesspool from hell. Lo, the evil barbarian anthropophagite did not cease, but continued to wail and howl ever louder until it destroyed all assemblage of sonic expenditure and exhausted itself in a phantasm of juvenile victory. Shortly thereafter, it was all I could do to arouse the orchestra to forge forward with the score. By then, drenched in sweat from the battle, we elicited some sonorous motifs that restored an assemblage of sanity, but by then the majority of a worthy audience had left, leaving our effort in shambles. I can no longer proceed on in suffering manageable fiasco's and, true to fulfilling my responsibilities as conductor, I apologize for my incompetence in reigning in the anomaly, my maladroitness at maintaining order, and hence, resign, in shame, from my position immediately.
Ivan ~ Conductor


All's well that ends well.
We have analyzed the situation and, as per the code (below), we have itemized the recommendations.


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It's important to maintain an emo-tonal aspect while contemplating an ethos: