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Summer Solstice

This blog post entertains a unique view of events that occurred during the original transmissions of data created through the early Spring of 2018 unto this summer solstice. Basic images and code are supported for your pleasure.

The most recent expenditure of energy was a previous NOBI performance. Mario and Ivan were perplexed by the events that occurred and proceeded to analyze the event: mario and ivan study

I tries to sets up on time but virus keeps asks me fo plug to amp. I keeps sayings, it be is no problem, when I be done settings up. but be pains in me ass and asks again. I finally gets sets up, no mike checks, times up, somebody asks me if they have reverb on mike, head explode, not time, no even sets up limiters. Besides me playlist show the insect start squirting on second sets.. no .. I throws insect orange Home Depot plug on firsts sets ... Watdafa... ¿?
I is posed to gives powers cords too !? I no give a fuque anymo .. I quits!
~ Mario, FOH Engineer

We called Ivan, the conductor, in for an interrogation, to get his interpretation on the course of events.
Every effort is employed to try an obtain a fair, balanced, and truthful testimony to the events that transpired.

I don't know what exactly occurred. I was sure that our original stage plot was to be adhered to, or we endeavored to follow it as closely as possible. Nobi Stage Plot I raised my baton at 08:32 PM, two minutes late, which disturbed me greatly. The first note was dropped and then all hell broke loose. There was a strange ruckus emanating from stage left, stage right as if you face the stage, which kept increasing in decibel level. The din was interpreted as truly offensive, atonal, and contrary to our aural design. I noticed, utilizing my peripheral perceptions, that newly arriving audience members were immediately leaving due to the fact that the cacophonous din was cancerous in effect, generally out of place, and inherently disruptive. I made every effort to subdue and quell the situation by instructing sections of the orchestra to cease playing. Nobi Beast This was a vain effort. I was hoping to see if the beast would spring enlightened to self awareness, realize this mortal misdemeanor, and cease sinking the score into a fetid cesspool from hell. Lo, the evil barbarian anthropophagite did not cease, but continued to wail and howl ever louder until it destroyed all assemblage of sonic expenditure and exhausted itself in a phantasm of juvenile victory. Shortly thereafter, it was all I could do to arouse the orchestra to forge forward with the score. By then, drenched in sweat from the battle, we elicited some sonorous motifs that restored an assemblage of sanity, but by then the majority of a worthy audience had left, leaving our effort in shambles. I can no longer proceed on suffering fiasco's and, true to fulfilling my responsibilities as conductor, I apologize for my incompetence in reigning in the anomaly, my maladroitness at maintaining order and hence, resign, in shame, from my position immediately.
Ivan ~ Conductor


All's well that ends well.
We have analyzed the situation and, as per the code (below), we have itemized the recommendations.

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                var _this = $(this);
  • Mario abiit piscantur, in other words, Mario has retired to fishing for mermaids in Venice
  • Ivan has retired from conducting, in shame, to pursue his law practice and to go sailing on his yacht
  • The 'Nobus Orbus' project is on hiatus, or shelved as they say on Wall Street
  • The organization will have to grapple with their interpretation of co-op, or is it coop or coup ?
  • Señor Craig Monteleone is to be commended for his diligence, loyalty, and enterprising spirit
  • Maybe after eating appetizers of moules marinières, pâté de foie gras, beluga caviar, Eggs Benedict, a leek tart, frogs' legs amandine and quail's eggs with puréed mushrooms all mixed in a bucket with the quail eggs on top and a double helping of pâté; followed by a main course of jugged hare, with a sauce of truffles, bacon, Grand Marnier, anchovies and cream; with six bottles of Château Latour 1945, a Methuselah (Double Jeroboam/6 litres) of champagne, and half a dozen crates of brown ale (144 bottles).. we must take the "wafer-thin mint".


MJCMAG projects in progress or completed.

  1. Sacco and Vanzetti learning materials and website will be retired and migrated to https://sv.mjcmag.org in the coming weeks. Upon migration email for [email protected] will be terminated. He will be able to receive your love-letters and fishing tips at his new address: [email protected] This is due to new economic and management initiatives.
  2. The 'Bitches Brew' archives have been catalogued and archived. Check on the side bar.
  3. The 'Gray Catbird' archives are in the compilation process and will be catalogued and archived in the coming weeks.
  4. Thankfully the studio is booked solid until mid-September/early October. We heartedly thank our patrons.


I contend that a cacique can be a woman as well as a man, in which case it would be 'La Cacique'.
Either gender specific has no place in the sovereign realm.
~Armando Tortuga de Chinchón

"The cacique's estate organizes local production and distribution and likewise initiates economic contact with other regions. At the same time, the phenomenon of caciquismo is deeply invested in an economy of traditionalism (the term cacique is derived from kassiquan, a Carib term meaning "to keep house"). Caciquismo renews or pretends to restore the traditional values of family, filiation, and personalism, promising to counter the threat of an indifferent and depersonalizing modernization process. Akin to the sovereign in medieval Europe, the cacique could be said to possess two "bodies." But whereas the prince negotiates between the transcendent or divine and the material or secular realms, the cacique facilitates relations between the worlds of capital and tradition, metropolis and periphery, in such a way that these domains are prevented from collapsing in on one another. Thus the cacique presents La Caciquetranscultural analyses with a fundamental irreducibility: this figure does not have an analogue in modernized societies through which it could be "translated" (on this point, see Ernesto Laclau, Tres ensayos sobre América Latina). This is to say that the cacique is a figure of translation itself. What the standard cultural referents for cacique - tyrant, political boss, etc. - fail to transcribe and register is the over-determination of this figure, through whom lawlessness, tyranny and boundless enjoyment must somehow be related to the institution of law. The law, in other words, will have been inscribed across a radical social division which it will henceforth claim to have sutured. The cacique as something like the "reverse side" of the proper legal system, its shadowy, unacknowledged other, negotiates this impossible transition by standing in and lending support at the site of this cultural divide. The associations of cacique with tyranny are therefore complicated by the thought of an anarchic or groundless act of substitution: as despotic overseer, the cacique stands at the site of a rift that divides the region from itself. The informal unauthorized or self-authorizing force of caciquismo seeks to close and mend the incommensurable wound suffered repeatedly in modern peripheral society. Caciquismo presents binary, either/or morality with an indigestible limits: as for good or evil, he is both and neither."
~ The Catastrophe of Modernity: Tragedy and the Nation in Latin American Literature,
Patrick Dove, January 1, 2004, Bucknell University Press

Reference and Resource

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